Hey guys, I’m proudly presenting my first self-written program, MicroDroidDownloader. Technically, it’s not a real program but rather a tool that works with bash scripts. With that tool, you can download videos and songs from YouTube and other websites. Nothing new, you think, right? But have you ever seen a tool that lets you download a whole playlist? For instance, if you want to download 20 songs and don’t want to pick each single URL, just add them to any playlist and paste the link to it in my tool. You can also decide whether to download them as mp4-files (video) or mp3-files (audio). I think, that makes it a lot easier to download a whole bunch of videos or songs at once.

The tool is very easy to use. It’s executed in the Linux Terminal (for now, it’s only working with Ubuntu 10.04-13.04, but I’m working on versions for other Linux distributions and even for Windows) and has a clearly laid out user interface. But before you use it for the first time, please, seriously read the README file! There are a few steps for setting up the tool. You can find them in there, and without doing these steps, the tool will not work!

If you notice any bugs or you have an idea how to redesign the UI, please feel free to send me a PM at YouTube or XDA.


Version 2.0 for Ubuntu 10.04-13.04 (zip-archive, English)
Version 2.0 for Ubuntu 10.04-13.04 (zip-archive, German)
Changelog (English)


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